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You can also download a PDF version of my résumé.
Nicola Onose  
PhD student at University of California, San Diego Romanian nationality
Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0404, USA
gender: male
My e-mail address at polytechnique dot org is
nicola dot onose.


2004 – Ph.D. student at University of California, San Diego
2003-2004 Ensimag (Grenoble), postgraduate specialization in Software Engineering and Programming Languages
April 2001 – 2003 Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau), majors in Computer Science
1998 – 2003 Politehnica University(Bucharest), Computer Science Department
July 1998 Baccalaureate (with distinction) at "Unirea" High-School (Focsani)


summer 2004 MARS, publishing proprietary data residing in mixed and redundant storage
2003 – Galax, the Bell-Labs XQuery implementation
summer 2003 GUPster, user-profile management

Research Papers

XQuery at Your Web Service WWW2004 conference, with Jérôme Siméon

Technical Reports

Extensions of the Relational Chase End-of-studies project at ENSIMAG, Dec.2004
Centralized Metadata Management for Distributed User Profiles Lucent internship report & End-of-studies project at Ecole Polytechnique, July 2003


Yoo-Hoo! Building a Presence Service with XQuery and WSDL SIGMOD 2004, with Mary Fernández, Richard Hull, Jérôme Siméon
Share your data, keep your secrets SIGMOD 2004, with Irini Fundulaki, Daniel Lieuwen, Arnaud Sahuguet, Guillaume Giraud, Nicolas Pombourcq


Spring Quarter 2005 Teaching Assistant for CSE132B (Database System Applications)


Romanian native language
English advanced - TOEFL score : 273
French advanced - TCF level : 6
Spanish 2 years of classes

Prizes and Awards

2004-2007 Jacobs Fellowship, awarded in 2004 to 12 graduate students from the Jacobs School of Eng.
2001-2004 French Government Fellowship ( Eiffel Excellence Programme) offered each year to about 800-1300 foreign undergraduate and graduate students that French higher education centers have identified as especially deserving of a place on their courses
1999-2001 Romanian Government Scholarship for very high GPA given to less than 5% of the students each semester


Good skills C/C++ (Visual C/gcc), Java, Caml, C#
Basic skills Ada, Lisp, Scheme, CORBA

Professional experience

June – September 2005 BEA Systems: summer internship
XQuery compiler optimizations for AquaLogic Data Services Platform, 1 team x 7 persons
July – October 2004 UCSD: RA-ship in the Database Group
Extensions of the MARS project for rewriting of RDF queries
April - July 2003 Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies (Murray Hill, NJ), research internship.
  GUPster, general user profile management in a distributed architecture, 1 team x 5 persons.
  Galax, implementation of the XQuery language, 2 permanent developers + contributions from 8 others.
July - September 2000 Popnet Agentscape (Bucharest): developer (Visual C++).
Intelligent Internet software (Bonzi Buddy), 2 teams x 5 persons.
April - June 2000 Macroinformatica (Bucharest): developer (Visual Basic, MSAccess).
Software for a printer, 2 teams x 4 persons.

Extra-professional experience

Journalism Former member in the editorial board (2001-2002) and webmaster of XPassion, the cultural magazine of the Ecole Polytechnique students
Sports and other activities Swimming, mountain hiking, jogging
Drawing, painting, literature (British, French, Romanian)

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