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BTrees B Trees and B+ Trees with a graphical interface (you'll need the JRE from Java2 to run the applet), analysis of algorythms course. MSAgent Microsoft Agent partially similar to Bonzi Buddy, in Visual C++ (Popnet Agentscape Bucharest, 2000).
Routing RIP protocol simulation, in Java, foundations of computer science course. GUP The metadata server of GUPster, a general profile manager with a P2P structure, à la Napster (Bell Labs, Lucent Techn., 2003).
  A basic database engine with a page manager, dynamic hashing and implementing a counting algorythm to speed-up multi-field queries. Galax Galax, an XQuery implementation (plus extensions) created at Bell Labs.
  Interpreter for a subset of the Prolog language, functional programming course. MARS MARS, rewriting and optimization under constraints of queries with a relational representation.
  Garbage collector for a functional language, programming languages course. The compiler designed for this language also implements a type-inference engine.   AquaLogic DSP, compiler optimizations for the BEA XQuery engine
Internet HTTP 1.1 Proxy, operating systems course.    
  Chat program in Java + Corba, distributed applications course. Client/Server & P2P architectures    
  Mini-Pascal compiler in Ada.    
  Keyboard driver, tested with the OSMon simulator, Operating Systems Architecture course    

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